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Surrendering Endowment Policies

If you are considering surrendering endowment policies, for what ever reason, then it would be wise to get quotes for selling the policies as opposed to surrendering.


What's the difference between surrendering my endowment policies or selling them ? The potential for more money for the policy!


Given that endowment policies are a long term investment that are designed to run all the way through to maturity, surrendering endowment policies is viewed by investment advisors as a last resort, even though there is a very healthy market for trading endowment policies with buyers eager to pay more than the surrender value quoted by the issuing life office.


Is surrendering endowment policies an easy thing to do ? Very easy, as the issuing life office will simply deal with all the paperwork and issue a cheque in the course of time. However, selling endowment policies should be no more complicated than surrendering them, and can result in a significant increase in the cash you receive.


How is it possible that surrendering my endowment policies back to the issuing life office nets me less cash, potentially, than selling them on the endowment market place ? Quite simply the person or institution that buys the endowment policies is investing in a policy which already has enjoyed a period of growth, and in the case of with profits endowment policies, this growth is locked in. It means that the buyer has only to maintain the premiums (quite a few of which you have already funded) through the end date, where upon the policy pays out to the new buyer


Surrendering endowment policies also results in a loss of the life assurance attached, so alternative life cover should be considered, especially if there is no other good alternative life cover in the individuals portfolio.


So if you find yourself saying "I am surrendering my endowment policies" before committing to it, use the endowment selling facility provided here to see if a better cash price can be obtained.


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Selling endowment

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