"With Profits" Endowments Sale Form

Enter the details found on your policy documents in the boxes below, followed by your contact details

Only endowment policies of the "WITH PROFITS" type are bought by the endowment traders. Unit linked and unitised policies are not bought. Only fill in your details if your policy is 100% "WITH PROFITS"

Choose your endowment from the drop down list
This is the number that can be found on the original policy schedule, or on a bonus statement
Enter as dd/mm/yyyy The date the policy started
Enter as dd/mm/yyyy The date the policy finishes
Only "WITH PROFITS" policies are tradable. See note in red above.
Omit the £ sign and any commas. £65,000 should be entered as 65000

In a traditional With Profit policy, there are two parts:
1. The Basic Sum Assured (sometimes called the minimum sum assured, the With Profits Sum Assured or the Guaranteed Amount for Bonuses) This is the information we need. It is a lower amount than the Death Benefit.
2. The Death Benefit ( the amount that is paid out if you die before the policy matures) which is usually equal to the amount of the mortgage that the policy was taken out for. This is not the information to put in here.
The Basic Sum Assured is stated on the original policy document and is also normally found on your annual bonus statement.

omit the £ sign and any commas. £12,763 should be entered as 12763

The total bonuses is all the annual bonuses that have been allocated to your policy to date.
This information is available on your last bonus statement.
The statement will show the existing bonuses to date and the current year bonus. The two figures should be added together and submitted in this field.
The Life Company may have added this together for you on your annual statement, and may show it as "Total Bonuses, or New Total"
Please ensure that you do not also include the Basic Sum Assured in this figure

The bonus year is shown on your most recent bonus statement, where you will have gathered all the other information from e.g. 2015
This is the amount you pay in to the policy. Your original policy schedule will show this, or you could check your bank statement for the direct debit detail Enter £51.76 as 51.76
This will most probably be "monthly" however it is possible that it is quarterly or annual. Your bank statement will show it, or you can check the original policy schedule
Enter as dd/mm/yyyy This is the date on which you obtained the surrender value from the insurance company
Omit £ sign and commas. Write £23,456 as 23456 This is the amount the insurance company will offer you if you cash it in now. The Surrender Value you put in here should be as recent as possible.
State if the policy was a "low start" policy (premiums start off low and then increase in stages over the first 5 or 10 years)
Details of any policy alterations i.e. assigned to one applicant only.
Here you can type details of any alterations or other information to aid the sale. Maximum length 250 key inputs

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