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What makes an endowment policy holder cash in endowment policy ?


Cashing in an endowment policy , surrendering or selling an endowment policy is usually the result of a change in circumstances such as divorce, a change in mortgage arrangements, losing a job to redundancy.

More recently, however, a low maturity projection (a "red letter" warning) by the issuing endowment policy life office has provided the trigger.

It is important for anybody thinking about selling an endowment policy to consider carefully all the alternatives and seek independent financial advice if at all concerned..

The options open to a holder of an endowment policy:

1.Surrender the endowment policy back to the issuing life office.

2. Borrow against the endowment policy, either from the issuing life office or from a bank and use the endowment policy as security.

3. Making the endowment policy 'paid up' which means no further premiums are payable on the endowment policy, but reduced benefits will be received on death or maturity.

4. Selling the endowment policy on the second-hand traded endowment policy market.


The above pie chart shows the breakdown of reasons for cashing in endowments.


Policyholders should also remember that if they cash in, surrender or sell their endowment policy they will lose the benefit of the attached life assurance protection, so should seriously consider replacement life cover

However if you have considered all the alternatives, and have decided to sell your with profit endowment policy then use the link at the top of the page to get to the endowment policy selling enquiry form, or click this link.




Selling endowment

Selling endowment to one of only six endowment policy traders that are  members of the Association of Policy Market Makers, instead of cashing in endowments early, can be achieved by using the "sell endowment" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here



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If you are unsure about what to do, if anything, about your endowment policy, you should consider taking advice from an independent financial adviser who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority