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selling endowment frequently asked questions

What’s involved in the endowment selling process?

To sell your endowment policy fill in the form above.

This does not guarantee that the endowment policy will be sold, just that an endowment policy buyer will take a look and decide whether to make you an offer.


This should only take a few days (48 hours is the aim)


This does not mean that you are bound to sell your endowment policy, the choice is yours, but the offer is "time restricted" in that if you do not accept the offer after a given period of time (14 days would be reasonable) then the endowment policy will have to be revalued.


If you decide to accept, your signature is required on the paperwork that will be issued to you and a contract note is issued which binds the endowment policy seller  to the endowment policy buyer.


You should now receive a cheque within about a week.


The endowment policy buyer pays the fees involved in selling the endowment policy - not you.


Once the endowment policy has been sold, it remains in place on your life, but the new buyer pays the premiums for the remainder of the term and receives the life assurance if you die before the policy matures, or the total of the built up fund at maturity.

Market makers (effectively endowment policy buyers) operate on an ‘execution-only’ basis, which means that they are not able to advise you on whether it is best to keep or dispose of the endowment policy, so you should get advice from an independent financial adviser before proceeding if you are unsure.

Having said all that it would be worth filling in your details on the selling endowment policy form (link above) if only to see if you would get more money by selling your endowment policy rather than surrendering it back to the life office.


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Selling endowments

Selling endowments to one of only six endowment policy traders that are  members of the Association of Policy Market Makers, instead of cashing in endowments early, instead of cashing in endowments early, can be achieved by using the "sell endowment" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here




The information on this web site is intended as "information only" and should not be taken as "advice".

If you are unsure about what to do, if anything, about your endowment policy, you should consider taking advice from an independent financial adviser who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority