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To sell a Wesleyan Assurance Society  endowment policy instead of cashing in early, use the flashing button at the top of this page.


Wesleyan states on its website that it provides tailored financial advice to meet the needs of our clients in the medical, dental, teaching, legal and other professional markets


Wesleyan Medical Sickness, Wesleyan for Teachers, Wesleyan for Lawyers and Wesleyan for Professionals are all trading names of Wesleyan Financial Services Limited, who are regulated by the Financial Services Authority


It was founded as a society in 1841 by members of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Birmingham to help people overcome the financial problems brought on by the first industrial revolution, but it wasn't until 1855 that the Wesleyan Society began offering life assurance on a nationwide scale, and was amongst the first to develop a weekly door-to-door collection service.


In 1993 the Wesleyan savings bank was formed to provide a safe home for the proceeds of its maturing investment policies and in 2007 launched "Wesleyan for Lawyers" to provide financial planning for members of the legal profession.


Wesleyan with profits endowment policies are one of the types of endowments sought after by the endowment policy traders, to supply to investors looking to add this type of endowment to their overall portfolio.


Selling endowment

Selling endowment to one of only six endowment policy traders that are  members of the Association of Policy Market Makers, instead of cashing in endowments early, can be achieved by using the "sell endowment" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here



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