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To sell a Swiss Life  endowment policy instead of cashing in early, use the flashing button at the top of this page.


Surrender or Sell a Swiss Life Endowment Policy


A Swiss Life endowment policy can be sold instead of surrendered, and bought by the second hand endowment buyers, which can increase the amount of money you can get, rather than surrendering it back to the issuing life assurance office.


If you are asking  yourself the question "should I surrender my Swiss Life endowment policy, or sell it second hand to an endowment policy buyer" then you might want to consider using the red link above to get a second hand policy value before a final decision is made.


Selling an endowment policy should not be undertaken without first seeking independent financial advice, but if you are determined to sell or surrender a Swiss Life endowment policy, the surrender value can be obtained from Swiss Life.


If you have already decided to sell your Swiss Life endowment policy, or surrender the Swiss Life endowment policy, you will lose the life assurance attached to it, and should seriously look at term life assurance as a replacement option.


In today's market you can usually only get an offer on a Swiss Life endowment policy if it is of the with profits endowment type.




Selling endowment

Selling endowment to one of only six endowment policy traders that are  members of the Association of Policy Market Makers, instead of cashing in endowments early, can be achieved by using the "sell endowment" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here



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If you are unsure about what to do, if anything, about your endowment policy, you should consider taking advice from an independent financial adviser who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority