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To sell a Norwich Union endowment policy instead of cashing in early, use the flashing button at the top of this page.


Cash in a Norwich Union Endowment Policy, or try selling it instead ?


A Norwich Union endowment policy is one of the more popular second hand endowment policies bought by the second hand endowment policy buyers in the uk today.


"Should I cash in my Norwich Union endowment policy" is a question posed by many of the Norwich Union policy holders, in the light of recent events, such as lower investment returns in general.


Norwich Union is not the only endowment policy company witnessing the reduction of endowment policies that stay "on the books" and this has been driven further by the new miss-selling claims that seem to spring up every day .


Before a policy holder gets too far in to cashing in their Norwich Union endowment policy, whether this is cashing in a Norwich Union endowment, or another company, they should get independent financial advice.


One of the alternatives to cashing in an endowment is to sell the endowment, second hand, to a second hand endowment policy trader (it then becomes known as a traded endowment policy).


Apart from being, historically, a large endowment policy provider Norwich Union has enjoyed high Standard & Poors ratings, and this well known indicator of financial strength might have something to do with the why selling a Norwich Union with profits endowment policy can meet with a successful result.


If you are asking  yourself the question "should I surrender (otherwise known as cashing in) or sell my Norwich Union endowment policy" then you might want to consider using the red link above to get a traded endowment policy value  before making a final commitment to keep it or cash it in.


Selling an endowment policy should not be undertaken without taking independent financial advice, but if you are determined to sell or surrender a Norwich Union endowment policy, the surrender value can be obtained from the Norwich Union endowment company direct.


If you decide to sell your Norwich Union endowment policy, or surrender the Norwich Union endowment, you will lose the life assurance attached to it, and should seriously look at term life assurance as a replacement option.


At this point in time we believe you can only sell a Norwich Union endowment policy if it is of the with profits endowment policy type.



Selling endowment

Selling endowment to one of only six endowment policy traders that are  members of the Association of Policy Market Makers, instead of cashing in endowments early, can be achieved by using the "sell endowment" link at the top of the page, or by clicking here



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If you are unsure about what to do, if anything, about your endowment policy, you should consider taking advice from an independent financial adviser who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority