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(04/01/2005) With Profits Update

AXA has announced reversionary bonuses on former AXA Equity & Law conventional life ( this includes endowment policies) and its pensions business, which accounts for just 3% of AXA’s with profits policies, to take effect from January 2005.


However, AXA’s annual bonus declaration, which affects the remaining 97% of its with profits policies, and includes regular and terminal bonus rates, takes place in March 2005

Regular bonus rates on former AXA Equity & Law business for the year 2004 are 1% (and they were 2% in 2003).

Asked to commenting on the announcement, Peter Shelley, their Chief Actuary, said: "We have once again added bonuses to our conventional with profits life and pensions policies".

"Long term returns on maturing policies remain good. Customers with 25-year conventional life policies maturing now have seen an average return of 8% p.a. while those with 25-year pensions policies have seen an average return of over 11% p.a."



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