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Australian Mutual Provident bought Pearl Assurance in 1990 which, at the time, was the largest takeover of a British financial group by an overseas buyer.

In 1996, Australian Mutual Provident won regulatory approval to take 960million of Pearl's orphan assets - the money built up in reserve because Pearl had been conservative in paying bonuses.

Critics accused Australian Mutual Provident of using Pearl to fund its other ventures, including buying up other UK insurers such as London Life and NPI.

When the stock market crash came, Pearl was pushed uncomfortably close to its minimum solvency margins, and Australian Mutual Provident closed the fund, selling off most of its equities, and replacing them with cash and bonds.

Australian Mutual Provident has since spun off Pearl, London Life and NPI into a separate company called HHG, which was floated just before December 2004.


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